Industrial and Economic Espionage

Industrial espionage became almost a necessity for most modern countries. This type of espionage is sometimes referred to as mild or low-profile espionage activity.However, it is often not less dangerous than other field operative activities. To get results, agencies usually have to invest in unique people for long periods of time.
This type of activity has to be played very carefully as an information leak from an organization may reveal the mere existence of a mole and terminate his or her activity permanently.It is a very complicated and sophisticated long-term espionage activity that requires diverse skills to get to the right position in the organization, access to the appropriate information and the ability transfer it.
There are many types, forms and ways to perform such espionage. Industrial espionage usually is referred to as economic or corporate espionage.The main target is for commercial purposes. However, there are other targets such as those for national security purposes and this type of espionage is conducted by governments worldwide.In such cases, the targets are corporations, mainly those based on sophisticated technology such as: aerospace, telecommunications, biotechnology and others.
Post war era industrial espionage has taken on additional forms such as sabotage. This act is performed in cases where the target is to cause delays in certain developments, such as industries developing advanced military weapons.Recruiting agents has many forms. A good and simple way is to identify a dissatisfied employee who is willing to cooperate for financial benefits in conjunction with revenge.
An inside-job is considered one of the best ways to get the information needed.
In certain cases some convincing may be required to get the level of cooperation needed, which may include blackmail, bribes or benefits.Although recruiting an insider is a favorable way, there is no comparison to the well-trained dedicated home agent. The use of inside agents or home agents may be at corporate level, government level or both.In order to hide the original source ordering or requiring that data or process, there are often levels of operatives or organizations in between.
In certain cases governments prefer to do this type of spying rather than make use of their own intelligence agencies. Governments use their business delegates, students and academics for information gathering.Industrial espionage during the period of 1960-1980 was very difficult. However, with the introduction of super fast computers and the Internet, it has become much easier to transfer data. Accordingly, new measures of counter-espionage have been developed, but they still have not eliminated the possibilities for copying and stealing information.The U.S. National Counter Intelligence Center (NACIC), in their reports to Congress, has indicated the existence of foreign industrial espionage activities.They reported that the main targeted industries are information systems, aeronautics, biotechnology, electronics, sensors, armaments, energy related materials, nuclear systems, telecommunications, space systems and weapons.The methods of espionage include surveillance and specialized technical operations such as signal intelligence. The foreign students studying in the U.S. and foreign employees of U.S. firms and agencies are very common sources for recruitment.There are similar activities during international conferences and trade fairs. Other sources are sponsorship of research projects in the U.S. and assigning foreign commercial or science officers to joint research and development projects. In addition, a vast range of disinformation is used in many areas. There is an extensive range of free or open information that can be and is exploited. There are many publicly accessed databases that are available to all. In addition, anyone can ask for information directly or via email, communicating with scientists and discussion groups.Actually, these days it is almost impossible to hermetically close and protect information from leaking.As long as data is kept digitally and online and humans or betraying humans are involved, guarding and saving information is very difficult.According to the FBI, economic spying by countries considered friends or adversaries of the U.S. is increasing each year. They have confirmed that hundreds of foreign counterintelligence investigations involving economic espionage are pending before the Bureau.Such espionage can make an enormous contribution to the national security of the spying country.

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Pest Control for Bed Bugs

Pest elimination is necessary for a person to have a comfortable stay in the house. Residential and commercial houses require pest control services to increase satisfaction to different clients. Bed bug control service is helpful for a homeowner to feel relaxed living in the house. Bed bugs make it hard for a person to have a good sleep hence the need to hire professionals to deal with the pests. There are different health risks that are associated with bed bug infestation requiring a person to identify the perfect pest control company. Bed bugs suck the blood of people in the house which is uncomfortable to an individual. The bed bugs cause itching and skin allergies requiring a person to choose the right control services in the area. A dependable pest control service is supposed to offer a person with a happy living in the house. There are different reasons that make a person use bed bugs control services to handle the infestation in the home.

The bed bugs inspection service is helpful in identifying the right approach to deal with complex issues. The inspection process is done professionally with the intention of maximizing the experience to clients. It is necessary for a person to identify a pest control service that offers an extensive inspection to effectively handle the problem. The professional inspection of bed bugs is necessary for discovering the most infested areas in the house. Bed bugs hide in small spaces requiring a homeowner to use pest control professionals in identifying the level of infestation. A person will find it hard to identify the areas infested by bed bugs hence there is a need to hire a pest control service. The licensed pest control experts provide an accurate inspection that will help in getting rid of bed bugs.

Safe pest control methods are applied by a pest control expert focusing on dealing with bed bugs. The tough pests are handled by using innovative methods to meet the various needs of clients. A person is supposed to identify a pest control company offering safe services to different homeowners. The chemicals and techniques used in eliminating bed bugs should not cause harm to the client. A homeowner is supposed to evaluate the safety measures applied by a pest control company on enhancing experience using the services. The focus on the health and safety of the homeowner is crucial in offering quality pest control services. The bed bugs control methods are designed to make a person have peace of mind using the professional to handle the issue. The chemical and non-chemical treatment options should focus on eliminating the bed bugs safely.

The use of professionals in bed bugs control saves time for the client. A person is supposed to identify a pest control company offering dependable quotes to clients. The instant quotes to homeowners are meant to offer fast services to different customers. A homeowner is supposed to use a bed bugs control expert that focuses on using techniques that are successful. Fast bed bugs elimination is crucial in making sure that a residential and commercial client feels satisfied using the services.

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